RAMBLIN’ WITH VEE! is a human-centered storytelling newsletter distributed via e-mail whenever inspiration strikes (but never more than twice a month). It started in September 2018 as an antidote to shallow, disposable internet content and was inspired by a suggestion that I move my popular Facebook posts onto a more personal and self-governed medium.


[005] – 12/22/2018
Check Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself… Literally.
Backseat of a cop car
Thankful to be alive

[004] – 11/11/2018
Everything So Bittersweet
My short film, Searching Skies
Nobody in LA will help a confused stranger
Egyptian money

[003] – 10/21/2018
A Constellation of Connections
Death and life
A woman’s boyfriend leaves her stranded

[002] – 10/07/2018
Memory, Prophecy & Programming
My new job
Subconscious societal programming
Intergenerational healing through art
Turning dreams into tangible reality

[001] – 09/16/2018
Storytelling Over Soul Food
What and why this newsletter?!
Racial segregation and integration
J-Sette dance routines in the South