A collection of articles and links centering my interests around environmental, racial, and social justice. Much of it intertwines with Indigenous knowledge.




  • The Untold Story: Criminal Injustice with Jay Ellis and Travon Free, Lemonada Podcast (2022) – Our nation’s courts and prisons are complicated systems that are difficult to understand and navigate. As a result, thousands of people are wrongfully incarcerated, creating after-effects that ripple through our entire society. Jay talks to real people who have experienced the effects of these policies first-hand, as well as academics, scientists, organizers, and city officials who are all part of the effort to answer the question: What can we do to ensure that America’s justice system is truly delivering justice to its citizens? Presented by Campaign Zero.
  • The Jail Tapes in the Dumpster, Reveal Podcast (April 2021) – A murder conviction sent Myon Burrell to prison for life when he was a teenager. An investigative reporter dug into what seemed a hopeless case. What she found helped free him.




  • Alok Vaid-Menon: The Urgent Need for Compassion, The Man Enough Podcast (August 2021) – As the creator of the growing movement to degender fashion, ALOK is helping others move beyond the binary into full expression. In a conversation filled with wisdom, historical insight, and radical mercy, ALOK challenges us to value compassion over comprehension, to try harder for each other in the name of love, and reminds us that learning is a sign of being alive.


  • The Man Behind the Myth: Should We Question the Hero’s Journey?, Los Angeles Review of Books (August 2021) – [Joseph] Campbell’s synthetic, undeniably alluring model presented a hero who reluctantly accepts the call to adventure, using the tribulations of his odyssey to reshape himself into the savior humanity needs before returning home. Campbell claimed his theory, which has gone on to influence everything from Star Wars to Disney’s Aladdin, arose from a universal structure inherent in the global myths of antiquity. The problem is, that’s a lie. Campbell’s theory is as mythological as the stories from which it borrows.
  • The Man Preserving Endangered Colours, BBC (August 2021) – For Zapotec artist and weaver Porfirio Gutiérrez, colour is a way to connect with his ancestors’ way of life, which has sustained civilisations by living in symbiosis with nature.
  • An Indigenous Perspective on Frida Kahlo, Hyperallergic (July 2021) – In both in her art and personal style Kahlo promoted the construction of a mythologized Indianness at the expense of Indigenous people.
  • Oli London Says They’re ‘Nonbinary Korean’, Paper Magazine (June 2021) – Oli London is facing immense online backlash for announcing they “identify as nonbinary Korean.” On Monday, the white British influencer posted a YouTube video elaborating on previous tweets, in which they said they were now using they/them pronouns, in addition to “kor/ean” and “Ji/min” neopronouns.
  • The Redemption of Justin Bieber, GQ (May 2021) – He made every mistake a child star can make, including the ones that nearly destroyed him. Now—fortified by God, marriage, and a new album, Justice—Justin Bieber is putting his life back together, one positive, deliberate step at a time.